Play Online blackjack In India

Learn how to play online blackjack and win real money in super easy steps. Also, check the list of the best blackjack sites in India accepting Indian Rupee!


Blackjack is undeniably one of the most popular online casino games in India.  A perfect combination of luck and skills. You have chosen the best platform, if you want to play & win online blackjack like a Pro.

This classic game of cards has millions of fans across the globe. The main reason is -” Online blackjack is not about how cards you are dealt with but how you play the hand.”

We know blackjack will soon be your favorite casino game. Read this game guide to get started playing online blackjack now!

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How to play Blackjack Online?

The first step is to find the best online casino India  that accept Indian Rupees. To make it easier for you, we have listed the best casino sites that not only accept the Indian rupee but also provide the different variants of blackjack. To trust us, you can check the ratings and reviews of these shortlisted casinos on google.

The next important factor to learn how to play blackjack game is to know the blackjack rules and different betting options.

Learn the Blackjack rules

  • Rule 1: A casino may use single or as many decks depending on the blackjack variant.
  • Rule 2: An ace can be valued as 11 or 1; depending on your hand value.
  • Rule 3: 2 to 9 cards are valued on their unit value.
  • Rule 4: King, queen, jack and 10 are valued as 10 points
  • Rule 5: To win, you must have a higher hand value equal to or close to 21.
  • Rule 6: The hand is declared bust if the total hand value goes beyond 21.
These are few rules that you should have to keep in mind while playing this game. We have provided in-depth blackjack rules guide for you. Read it now!

3 Best and Easy ways to win blackjack

As we mentioned earlier; you need to have a higher hand value equal to or close to 21. But, let us tell you there are certain tricks and gimmicks that you must know if you want to earn huge money

  1. if the dealer’s hand value exceeds 21 or busted naturally.
  2. On getting natural blackjack i.e. if the sum of the first two cards is 21.
  3. If your total card value is greater than the dealer’s hand value. 
online blackjack game

Blackjack Side Bets

These are the additional or optional bets that you can place while waiting for your turn on the blackjack table. The house edge is 2% in blackjack side bets and the winning payout is 2:1. Some of the available side bets are:

Blackjack Online Games


It’s a special side bet that insures half of the player’s original bet against the dealer. If the dealer wins naturally i.e. the total card value of the first two dealt cards is 21. It can only be placed if the dealer shows an ace.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs

If the first two cards dealt with the player possibly makes a perfect pair combinations of mixed, coloured or perfect pairs. This additional exciting bet can be placed only on a perfect pair blackjack table.

21+3 bets


21 refers to blackjack whereas 3 indicates the dealer’s face-up card & the first two cards dealt with the player. The winning payout is decided by card combination like three of kinds, straight, flush, straight, etc.

Different Blackjack Strategies

We have explained all the trending and popular  online blackjack strategies to improve your winning odds. Just master these strategies and no one can stop you from winning! Take a quick overview of different strategies:

  1. Basic Blackjack strategy
  2. Card counting strategy
  3. 2 Level Progressive Betting system.
  4. 5 Level Progressive Betting system.

Basic Blackjack strategy

We are about to reveal the basic blackjack strategy that will help you understand when to stand, hit, split and double. We can guarantee a sure win if you have thoroughly acquainted this strategy.

HIT on dealer’s card When you have

CardsHand Value
An Ace or 7, 8, 9, 10 An Ace8 – 1211
7, 8 or 99

Double if the dealer’s has

CardsHand Value
An ace or 1010
An ace11


Your hand value is soft 17 or above.
Card value of dealer is 6 or below & your hand value is 13 or above.
Your cards can be splitted into pairs of 10s.


You have the aces.
You have 8’s.
The card value of the dealer is 4 to 7; split only 2’s & 3’s.
The card value of the dealer is 6 or below; split only 6’s &7’s

Counting cards in Blackjack

Counting cards is known to be the best winning blackjack strategy. It’s more of your mind work when playing online. 

Honestly speaking, you’ll hardly get any time to count cards while playing online. But somehow if you can manage it the game is yours.

Counting cards is illegal in many casinos. So make sure to check the terms and conditions of your selected online casinos.


Before you start the game, you have to decide your minimum and maximum bet limit. You have to put stacks on the minimum amount if you lose the bet. And, place the maximum bet if you won the bet.


You have to raise your bet until you win 5 levels i.e. 1,2,3,4,5. In case you lost the bet, put your stacks on the first level of the bet. It’s better to quit the game if you are on the losing track.

Role of a hole card in Blackjack

Hole cards are not only used in blackjack but also in every poker game. Hole cards are the secret or private cards that only the player can use and show. 

This hole card is used for forming a 5-card combination along with other available cards that are accessible to all players on the table.

Whereas Hole cards, also referred to as down cards in seven-card studs; are only accessible by the player.

If somehow you can reveal the Hole cards of your opponent, the whole blackjack game is yours.

Various Hand Signals in Online Blackjack

Yes, that’s right! There are various hand signals or movements that can change your winning/losing status. 

It’s not possible to use this technique in online RNG-based blackjack but will work best for live blackjack formats. 

Look at the table below to know how to reveal face-up/ face-down cards?

When toFace-upFace-down
HitIf your table is being tapped or cards are pointedTable scratching with the index finger
SplitSwaying hands from left to right above the cardsSliding cards softly under your chips without moving them
Double down/SplitAn immediate bet is placed after your first bet.Shifting cards to the first stack of chips.

Play Real Money Online Blackjack in Different Formats

This advanced technology has made it possible now to play blackjack and other casino games in different formats like Digital or RNG-based blackjack, Live blackjack, or Mobile blackjack. Let’s get into detail!

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack uses the RNG-technology (random number generation) to conduct fair game sessions where an existing software acts as the dealer. You can play this digital version with play money also. You can also try customized online blackjack tables.

Mobile Blackjack

Mobile Blackjack

you can play top-quality online blackjack in Hindi or live blackjack through your smartphones also. Many of the leading casino sites have upgraded their software to support different operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows.

Live Blackjack Games

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack allows you to communicate with live dealers and other players through a player interface. Live blackjack tables are offered by Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, NetEnt, Playtech etc. these tables are streamed directly from 5-star casinos or dedicated live casino studios.

Play Seasonal Online Blackjack Games

Spring Blackjack

You may hit, stay, double or split until you get 21 or the highest hand value to beat the dealer. It allows you to select chips to place the bid for the winning hand.

Summer blackjack

It allows you to change the decks to change the winning odds. You can use the double down button to beat the dealer when your card value is 11 or less.

Fall Blackjack

Ran out of chips? Well, fall blackjack will help you by starting the blackjack game again. You can win 1.5 times your original bet if you get a natural blackjack win.

Winter blackjack

Winter blackjack provides more options to play with cards other than hit, stay. Double, split and insure. You can ask for a hint by clicking on the chat bubble.


No, it’s always better to stand on a soft 17 or higher hand value. As there are chances that your hand might go bust.

For the best and safest gambling experience, we suggest you visit 10CRIC, LeoVegas, Pure casinos, Betway. Another option is to pick and start playing on any of our top 10 blackjack Indian casinos online.

The rules are pretty simple; as the cards are categorized with different card values like an ace is worth 11 or 1, 2-9 are counted on their digit value and other face cards & 10 are worth 10 points. You must have a higher hand value of 21 or close to 21 to win the blackjack game.

Yes! It’s completely legal unless and until you are playing blackjack on international casino sites. As Indian gambling law (PGA, 1867) doesn’t allow any type of gambling activity in the country. At the same time, this law doesn’t hold any control over playing casino games overseas.

To play for free real money you can visit Jungleraja, RoyalPanda, Betway etc. As a new user, you’ll be offered great welcome bonuses and other promotional offers.

Almost all the top and reputed casino sites offer online blackjack for free to encourage players to take real money action. You can visit Spin casino, Pure Casino, Leo Vegas, 22Bet to play blackjack with fun money.

It’s almost impossible to cheat in online blackjack as RNG-based game sessions are conducted. You can use strategies like counting cards, MArtingale, 5 level progressive, 2 levels progressive and basic blackjack strategy that works quite well to improve your odds of winning.

You have to get a higher hand value close to 21 or 21. In case your hand value exceeds 21, your hand will be declared as busted.


Blackjack is the best combination of both skills and luck together ever. The punters who are looking for a casino game full of gimmicks and strategies; blackjack is your go-to option. The winning odds entirely depend on your tactics and how well have you prepared for the game; before taking any real money action. We hope our blackjack guide could help you in a better way. Whether it’s about blackjack rules, betting options or winning strategies, our experts at onlineblackjack247 have tried their best to compile everything together in this article. 

So, all the best and make sure to choose the best online blackjack sites like Betway, JungleRaja, PureCasino for a safe gambling environment. Play safe!