Best Blackjack Strategies & Winning Tips

Do you wish to successfully win blackjack online and earn real money? We know losing can be awful! In this article, we have discussed the best blackjack strategies that will boost your winning odds. Our winning tips are sufficient enough to transform a novice player into a professional blackjack player.

Online blackjack is the most popular and played game of strategy. This game becomes even more entertaining when the dealer is on a losing streak. Blackjack or 21 is a perfect casino game with the best winning odds and payouts.

This simple blackjack strategy guide will help you to memorize and apply the best betting strategies to enhance the chances of winning in blackjack. Our experts have collectively put together all the proven and popular blackjack strategies to win successfully in this mini-guide.

Do not just throw away your money on the blackjack table. Relying on the luck to win in blackjack won’t work out. Blackjack is a game of gimmicks, tactics and your decisions.

So, Get ready to reveal the winning secret of the blackjack game!

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Basic Blackjack Strategy

This best blackjack strategy will help you in predicting the safest bets. It can not overcome the house edge but can boost your winning odds. 

If combined with card counting, true counts, the basic blackjack strategy works even better. This strategy follows an order of operation.

When toDescription
SurrenderIt is applicable only on the first two dealt initial cards. You can’t surrender if you have already opted for a hit card.
SplitSplit when your first two cards are two ten-value cards or pairs.
DoubleDouble the bet only when you are on a winning streak.
Hit/StandChoose for hit/stand based on your hand value; if the above options are not appropriate.

When to Hit or Stand

  • Hit when your total hand value is 11 or less.
  • Always hit soft 17.
  • Stand on hard 12,13,14,15,16 against a dealer 2 to 6 or hit.
  • Stand on soft 18, 19 or more.

When to Split

  • Always split Aces & 8’s.
  • Never Split 5’s & 10’s.
  • Split 2s &3s for a dealer’s hand value 4 to 7.
  • Split 4s if the dealer displays 5 or 6.
  • Split 6s, if the dealer has 3 to 6.
  • Split 7s, if the dealer has 2 to 7.
  • Split 9s, if the dealer has 2 to 6 or 8,9.

When to Double

  • For Hard 9 against the dealer 3 to 6.
  • For Hard 10 against the dealer 10 or Ace.
  • For Hard 11 against the dealer Ace card.
  • For Soft 13 or 14 against dealer 5 or 6.
  • For soft 15 or 16 against the dealer 4 to 6.
  • For soft 17 or 18 against the dealer 3 to 6.

When to Surrender

  • Surrender, if the total hand value is 16 against the dealer’s 9,10 or Ace.
  • Surrender, if the total hand value is hard 15 against the dealer’s 10.

Card Counting

Card counting is the best strategy of blackjack that has the potential to lower the house edge. It works best in traditional land-based casinos but if somehow you can manage to count cards in online RNG based blackjack versions; you are already a genius. 

Though Card counting seems to be simple at first glance. But you need to practise before you apply it. So we advise you to play online blackjack for free at various casino sites like Royal Panda, Leo Vegas etc. You will get to know the gambling environment and can practice card counting.

Let’s see how card counting works in 4 easy to understand steps?

Step 1: Assign a value to high and low cards of the deck.
Ace, King, Queen, jack and 10-1

Step 3: To calculate the ‘True count’.

True count= Running count/ remaining cards in the deck.

Step 2: To track the running count & add +ve, -ve tags to each game round.

  • A +ve running count indicates the benefit for the player.
  • While a -ve running count shifts the house advantage to the dealer.
  • Running count continues until the dealer keeps shuffling the cards.

Step 4: Raise your bet for a +ve running count and lower your bet for a -ve running count.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy follows a progressive approach that a player must keep doubling down his bet to recover the losses until he/she wins. Follow the steps below to use this strategy:

  • Set your minimum & maximum betting limit before the game begins.
  • Start with a minimum value bet.
  • Double down your bet on each loss.
  • Keep doubling until you win.

But make sure to not chase the losses and quit when you are consistently losing. This strategy works best for a shorter game session. Take a look how martingale strategy works?

Bet #1$5loss
Bet #2$10loss
Bet #3$20loss
Bet #4$40loss
Bet #5$80Win

Oscar Grind Blackjack Strategy

This strategy follows a progressive approach. The objective of this strategy is to win at least a single chip and once the profit is earned the player has to stop the same moment.

This strategy follows the 3 basic blackjack rules. Take a look!

  • Rule 1: Raise your bet each time you win a bet.
  • Rule 2: Stick to the same betting amount if you lost the bet.  
  • Rule 3: if you have earned a profit, stop and start the new game session.

Top #5 Winning Tips for Online Blackjack

Being honest, To win in blackjack is not always about when to hit and stand. Rather there are certain factors involved like:

  1. First tip: To pay attention throughout the game to beat the odds. Look for tables that have the possibility of winning streax. 
  2. Second Tip: Opt for a blackjack table that uses less decks of cards. As it would be easier to count cards and use basic blackjack strategy.
  3. Third Tip: To know the blackjack table rules before the game begins. For instance, Choose the variant where the dealer has to hit on soft 17.
  4. Fourth tip: Maintain your bankroll while gambling. Always start with a minimum betting amount.
  5. Fifth Tip: To know when to stop in gambling and be prepared for losses.


The most important factor is to maintain your bankroll and set your minimum & maximum betting limit before the game begins. You must know the rules, terminology, how to place a bet and when is the right time to place the bet. Rest various blackjack strategies as mentioned in our article can help you.

The first is card counting and the second is the basic blackjack strategy. If you can master both these blackjack strategies, no one can stop you from winning.

You can opt for JungleRaja, Pure Casino, Spin Casino, Leo Vegas etc. to play online blackjack for real money or for free. These are some of the best blackjack casino sites for Indian players.

Card counting, basic blackjack strategy, Progressive betting like martingale, Reverse martingale; Non-progressive betting, flat progressive betting are some of the best and popular blackjack strategies.

Yes, blackjack is the only game where winning depends more on your decision than your luck. If you can thoroughly master the blackjack strategies, you can earn massive real money.

To know the rules, the right time to bet, various blackjack strategies can definitely increase your winning odds. The next important factor to consider is to opt for the blackjack variant with high winning payouts.

Yes, the basic blackjack strategy favours the player by revealing when to hit, stand, split, double down etc. Thus increasing the odds of winning.

The common progressive betting strategy like martingale works best in blackjack. It says that you must keep doubling down your bet on every single loss until you win.

Final Words

Moving to the end, We suggest you to go through our online blackjack strategy and select the best Indian casino sites to play online blackjack for free or real money. Always check  if the deposit and withdrawal methods are safe and accept Indian currency?

We have listed some handpicked casino sites like betway, Pure casino,10CRIC, Leo Vegas etc. for our Indian punters to play blackjack. All these casino sites are legal and licensed in association with top gaming providers like evolution gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech etc. So, play safe and enjoy an incredible gambing experience!