Blackjack Surrender - Guide To Surrender In Blackjack

Blackjack surrender is arguably one of the best variants of blackjack. One huge attraction of this game is the house edge which is around 0.52. Although for some people the sole mantra of their life is to ‘never surrender’ and this might seem quite motivating in real life. However, it can have quite the opposite effect in the world of blackjack. The veterans of the game have time and again appreciated the option of surrender in blackjack, and rightfully so. Therefore, here we are with our guide to blackjack surrender, to make the newbies understand everything about this interesting game, starting with the common question, what is surrender?

Blackjack surrender

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What is blackjack surrender?

Blackjack surrender is a unique variant of blackjack that offers the players the option to ‘surrender.’ This option is mostly practiced by players who choose to fold their hands instead of playing further. This option saves the players from losing all their bet amount, and instead, you just end up losing half the amount of your bet. 

Despite the clear advantage that blackjack surrender offers, some inexperienced players still follow the idea that the surrender strategy isn’t a worthy choice. However, a person with an in-depth knowledge of blackjack clearly understands the importance of this basic strategy. The players who know just how much money this can save you provided you know how and when to surrender, are the ones who look for the surrender variant at the best blackjack surrender casinos

Also, players should keep in mind that the surrender option generally comes with a blackjack surrender rule. According to which players usually can only use this option on the first 2 cards dealt during the game. This means that the player cannot use the ‘surrender’ option once he or she has opted for the ‘Hit,’ ‘Stand,’ ‘double,’ or ‘split’ options.  

Though originally only found at land-based casinos, some software companies have made it available online. One such company is Playtech, which has been successful in producing and making the online blackjack surrender available to many casinos. 

How to Play the Blackjack surrender game?

Before mastering any game, one needs to know the basics. And in our guide to blackjack surrender, the next question that will be answered is how do we play it. If you’ve already played some online casino blackjack games, then this one will be a cakewalk. 

STEP 1: Join a table

The rule of the thumb here is the same, i.e. getting a value of 21 without exceeding it. Once the player has joined a table at a casino offering blackjack surrender for real money and placed their wager, the dealer will deal two cards for you and two for himself. In case the dealer’s face-up card turns out to be an Ace, he’ll check for blackjack before continuing. 

STEP 2: Hit, stand or surrender

Now look at your hand and decide whether you’ll take another card (hit), split your hand into 2, double your wager, or surrender (if you have a weak hand). However, before labeling a hand as ‘poor’ it’s important to look for a basic strategy guide as some weak hands turn out to be quite worthy. In an online casino, you can simply click on the ‘surrender’ option, unlike the land-based casinos.

STEP 3: Finish the game

When you have the best possible hand that you can get and is still under 21, that is the moment you either hit or stand and see what the outcome will be. However, if you happen to surrender instead, then half of your wagering amount will be safely refunded to your account. 

STEP 4: The dealer’s turn

Once the dealer’s face-down card has been turned over, he can wherever possible, choose to hit (to improve the hand). However, the moment they hit a combination amounting to 17, they must stop. The one with the highest hand (less than 21) will be the winner of the round. 

What are the Blackjack surrender rules?

As we all know that, each blackjack variant be it mobile blackjack or online Blackjack switch have their own set of rules. And that’s the reason why it is called a variant instead of a classic game. Blackjack surrender mostly has similar rules to that of the classic version of the game but has few differences as well. So, go through the below-mentioned blackjack surrender rule before you start playing it. 

  • The dealer always remains at 17s. 
  • You are allowed to split any pair of cards but can’t re-split it after that. 
  • You can take up only one card after splitting against an aceBefore that, you have to stand. 
  • In case, if one of your split Aces is dealt with a 10 point card, then you get a 21 in place of a blackjack. 
  • If the dealer shows an Ace, then you are allowed to take insurance. 
  • In blackjack surrender, you are allowed to take late surrender. 
  • The dealer always looks out for a Blackjack. 
  • Doubling down is permitted. 
  • The payout is 3:2 in the case of players’ blackjack. 
  • The 7-card Charlie strikes all except for a normal blackjack.

When & How To Surrender In Blackjack- A Complete Guide

Till now, you must have gained a good grasp of the topic. That, however, is far from enough. Other than the overall knowledge of the blackjack surrender gamethe player should be clear about the ‘when to’ and ‘how to’ aspects of blackjack surrender:- 

How to surrender

The basic blackjack surrender game rules are the same basic rules of a standard blackjack game and are often times not well-understood. However, to master and win this game it is important to understand the key difference between early surrender and late surrender.Also, you need to recognize the ideal time to surrender in addition to the regular use of hit, stand, and split.  If you can understand the basic blackjack strategy of blackjack surrender properly, then it would enhance your overall game strategy as well. 

The blackjack surrender game generally gives a player two options:- 

Early Surrender

The early surrender is hands down the best surrender option. This option enables the player to give up the hand and lose only half the amount of their wager before the dealer checks for a blackjack. The reason, why this early surrender option is ideal is that it reduces the house edge by 0.62%. 

Tips for Early surrender 

When a player surrenders in blackjack instantly, after the cards are dealt, but before the dealer searches for a natural blackjack, then it is called an early surrender. Although, early surrender is one of the most preferable types of surrender because it is easily accessible regardless of whether the dealer has dealt a natural blackjack or not. 

When you should opt for Early surrender 

Though early surrender is the most preferred type. But in some case, we suggest you to withdraw your bets in the following three conditions:

  • When the dealer indicates an Ace, and you carry a total of 5 to 7 or 12 to 17. 
  • When the dealer indicates an Ace, and you carry 33, 66, 78, or 88. 
  • When the dealer indicates a 10 point card, and you carry a total of 14 to 16. 

Late Surrender

The other side of the coin is the ‘late surrender option. It lets the player similarly withdraw their hand, but the only difference is that you can quit only after the dealer has turned their cards. So, the drawback, in this case, is that you cannot get half of your wager back if the dealer’s hand turns out to be a blackjack.   

Tips for Late surrender 

Similar to early surrenderyou can waive your hand with half of the cost of original funds. But, here you need to wait for the dealer to deal with the natural blackjack first. If the dealer claims a natural, then you can’t surrender and will lose all your funds. 

When you should opt for Late surrender

Again, late surrender is a tempting move in a various game situation, but in reality, it is feasible in the following three conditions : 

  • When the dealer indicates an Ace, and you carry a total of 15. 
  • When the dealer indicates an Ace or a 10 point case, and you can carry a total of 16. 
  • When the dealer indicates an Ace, and you carry a total of 17. 

When to withhold a late surrender 

If possible, avoid these common mistakes in late surrender : 

  • Don’t take a late surrender when the dealer stands on soft 17 while indicating a 9, 10, or an Ace while you carry a total of 15 or 17. 
  • Avoid taking a late surrender when the dealer indicates a 9, and you carry a total of 16. 

When to surrender

This is another extremely important aspect of blackjack surrender. You can only make the best use of this option once you know when to surrender in the game.  

To those who still don’t know the right time, you should only go for surrender when the odds are against you/in favor of the house. 

The ideal situations where you can surrender are when your hand value is 16, and the dealer’s cards are 9,10, or Ace. Make sure not to surrender when the cards in your hand are valued at 8 each as you can split them into two and continue the game. Another situation is when your hand value is 15, and the dealer has a 10. 


Usually, most of the online casinos offer late surrender. And it’s quite unusual to find an early surrender option at a casino. 

Playtech blackjack surrender game consists of 4 decks, each consisting of 52 cards. 

By using a surrender option, the house edge lowers down to 0.07% or 0.09%. However, the actual percentage may differ according to the rules of the game. 


That was it about blackjack surrender, and if you stuck with us till the end, then we hope all your doubts regarding the surrender rule were answered. And we think it’s safe to assume that the misconceptions regarding surrender blackjack have been cleared. It is not a bad bet and is especially beneficial to those who often end up with weak hands, and don’t forget that the house edge is extremely low. However, in the end, you all know that just reading a guide isn’t enough, you need to apply this knowledge along with your skillet, and that is something you’ll only master with practice.