European Blackjack Online Guide 2022

Want to play European blackjack online but don’t have enough knowledge to dive into it? Well, worry not. This guide will help you get an in-depth understanding of European blackjack and learn the key differences between the standard online blackjack games and the European ones. We’ll try to cover everything from a “how to play” guide to some winning tips and more. Keep scrolling to know all about this amazing blackjack variant.

European Blackjack

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About European Blackjack

European blackjack game is just like your standard blackjack with a few twists in the basic rules, of course. It is similar in the fact that it is played between the dealer and the player and can utilize 2-8 card decks minus the joker. The aim is to come as close to 21 as possible without going over this amount to secure a win. Cards numbered 2-9 are rated at their numerical value, whereas 10 to Ace are graded 10 points each, and the Ace can yield 1 point and also 11 points. 

The basic difference you’ll encounter when playing European blackjack online is in the deal itself. 

In this variant, when the player is dealt two cards face-down, the dealer receives his first card face-up. However, he is dealt his second card only after the player has played his hand. 

How To Play European Blackjack Online?

Once you’ve found some trustworthy European blackjack casinos and are aware of the general rules binding the game, learning the rest is a cakewalk. To help you through the procedure, here is our step-wise guide:

  • Step 1- Join a Suitable Table: Getting as close to 21 as possible without exceeding this limit is still the primary aim of the game. So, once the bets are placed, you will receive two cards, and the dealer gets his card, as well. 
  •  Step 2- choose Hit or Stand: Keeping in mind that the dealer still might be hiding a blackjack, you need to look at your cards and choose whether to receive another card (hit), leave your hand as it is (stand), split your hand into more than 1 or double your wager.
  • Step 3- Finish Up/complete your Hand: As the game passes, you reach the final point where you’ve attained the maximum amount your hand possibly can. So, as long as it’s below or equal to 21, you are still a part of the game. 
  •  Step 4- The Dealer’s cards: In the end, the dealer reveals their down-facing card and then can choose to hit. If your hand value is higher than theirs and less than 21, you are the winner for that round. 

Certain rules of the European Blackjack game

If you notice carefully, the rules of European blackjack are slightly different from the rules of standard Blackjack games. Here are some of the basic European Blackjack rules mentioned to help you out with your gameplay.

Basic rules related to payouts

  • Even money pays around 1:1. 
  • Insurance bet pays around 2:1. 
  • Blackjack pays around 3:2. 

The ultimate benefit of blackjack rules is that it offers pretty much an instant win. The 2- deck rule is much more attractive for blackjack card counting but is exceptionally rare these days.

Winning tips to Play European Blackjack

While playing real money European blackjack, it’s important to consider what strategy you are using before entering the game. Depending on what variant you are playing, your approach towards the game should vary accordingly. So, before going into the game, you should take into account the following tips that would help you enjoy the game:

Play Cautiously

The rules in European blackjack are favorable for the players if they know how to play real money blackjack and utilize them carefully. The player should know when and how to opt for a bigger bet. Its house edge isn’t of a big concern. 

Think Carefully before Splitting or doubling

No matter how strong a hand you have, you should still give splitting a thought. Also, keeping an eye on the dealer’s face-up card is helpful as it may be concealing an unchecked Blackjack. 

Insurance isn’t the best option

Expert advice over the years has pointed out that insurance bets are not worth the effort as they rarely work out. That stands true for other variants as well.

Go with A Strategy

Everyone would agree that one sure way of improving your chances of winning is to memorize the strategy charts. Counting the cards can also help, but in a land-based casino, not online. 

Live European Blackjack casino - Play now!

If you don’t want to play European blackjack for free anymore, then playing a real-money live blackjack is the best option for any blackjack lover. Depositing your money and playing with a live dealer is considered safe and preferred by many players. This is probably the reason why they are prevalent to date.   

To start playing a live-dealer European blackjack, all you have to do is register with a live blackjack online casino, deposit the necessary amount and find the live dealer section. 

Besides playing it on the website, you can look for an appropriate blackjack casino software that can help you connect with the casino’s studio. Some of the most reliable one’s are as follows:- 

evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming

It uses 8 decks, and the dealer stands on all 17. The player is allowed to double any of the 2 cards and double after splitting. However, you can't hit or split the Aces. Though insurance is available, you can't re-split.



Arguably the biggest casino software company in the industry. Uses Eight decks, the dealer stands on soft 17. And you are allowed to hit, split Aces, and they provide insurance too.


The standard rules are similar to evolution gaming. It uses 8 decks as well. The player is not allowed to hit or split the aces. And they offer insurance too.

European Blackjack v/s Blackjack switch

Blackjack may be considered a relatively easy casino game by many. However, it presents with a huge number of variations, each of which comes with its own set of basic rules. European blackjack and blackjack switch are two of them. And following are some basic differences that distinguish the two variants: 

Blackjack Switch

European blackjack


If both the dealer and the player have blackjack, then it is a tie or Push. In such cases, the money is neither gained nor lost. 

Although, insurance might appear attractive. But, according to experts, insurance bet doesn’t work in your favor and can lead to a big disadvantage sometimes.

You should definitely check out the mobile version of European Blackjack. As you will get a wide range of gaming options along with safe and secured payment methods. 


This is all you need to know in order to get going with European blackjack online. Though you have the nitty-gritty details of European blackjack now, practice is still important. With so many reliable European Blackjack casinos available online, you can practice all the winning strategies and fine-tune your blackjack skills. And, if you are looking for some real excitement, try out the live version and get the most out of your investment!